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Buy me likes in YouTube

Buy me likes in YouTube

Buy me likes in YouTube

Buy me likes in YouTube, I am not an enthusiastic social media user.  It is not that I don’t like it, but, it is just because I hate it the way people now are using it.  I hate to see young kids being addicted to it and that includes my own son.

But, there is nothing I can do, except to watch my son and constantly to remind him.  It is unstoppable, because, it is in the bible.  As much as possible I divert my son’s extra time to sports and keeping him active in church as a guitar player, leaving him just a few hours for Facebook and YouTube.Buy me likes in YouTube

Why hate YouTube?

No, it is not that I hate YouTube or any other social media platform such as Facebook, twitter, and Instagram.  They are all great tools to be able to interact with other people, long lost friends, and relative, who are thousands of miles away.  It gives us the great opportunity to reach out to them.  Again, it is the way people are using it, that I hated.

YouTube as a Platform

YouTube as a platform is a very helpful tool to achieve many people’s dreams. Aspiring talents,  who doesn’t have the financial capacity to travel to be discovered, use YouTube to showcase themselves, and some were fortunate enough to be noticed.

Many businesses, which cannot compete in paid commercial marketing, uses YouTube to increase their profitability, by making a presence on YouTube.

Buying likes in YouTube

The practice of buying likes on YouTube to gain more popularity, by attracting a large number of audiences is embraced by a large number of individuals and businesses.  It can happen in a few minutes to an hour, and there you are, hundreds or thousands of likes appear in your posts.  You will just pay a few ten’s of dollars or few hundred of dollars for a number of likes.  You can attach hundreds or thousands of likes if you want.

Considering that those 1,000 likes were delivered already, you have now a thousand likes, plus for example 500 real likes.  Do you think it will make a change?  Do you think it can propel your standing to the top?  Those 1,000 likes won’t be around in your next posts, unless, you will buy them, again.

But, those 500 real likes can be there again, because, those likes are from your real followers.  In your next posts, if you will not buy those 1,000 likes again, you will be getting only 500 likes.  A 1,000 like’s difference will make an impact on your follower’s mindset.  Questions and doubts will start to build up.

Buying likes will also cause confusion because there is no way to know if your plan is working or not.  Those fake likes, will not follow you and cannot give you comments and real feedback that are a necessity, to be able to correct mistakes when you need to.

Is there an urgency to buy likes?

There is not really an urgency to buy likes.  In fact, it will just de-rail you from properly executing your plan.   When you buy likes, this will possibly happen:

  • False Hope. Your mind will be feed with false hope, and this will deter you to work hard according to your plan. This is so because you are already made to believe that the thousands of like, will keep you on top.  A very quick
  • False data. The figures that you have now are fakes, and there is no way that you can use it, to gauge your achievement. When making a plan, you have timetables for every stage of the project. You also have standby alternatives, when things go wrong.  When you buy figures, you cannot determine if you did it right or wrong.
  • False confidence. When you see those 10,000 or more likes in your posts, the normal reaction is happy and celebrate. But, this time, you cannot.  Knowing that those are paid likes, there is no urge to celebrate.
  • False expectations. Many people or businesses will expect to get the result they aim for, upon seeing those likes that they bought. When you buy 50,000 likes, people will investigate and will initially view your posts. But, when they see it’s all rubbish, don’t expect the second round, as they will not.  Your reputation is damage.

Making it to the top

Actually, it is not about making it to the top, but, it is about “how you made it to the top?”.There are many ways in going to the top.  Some are on the top because somebody put them there.  Some are there, simply because they paid their way to be there.  But, being on the top like they did, will not keep them on the top for long.Buy me likes in YouTube

However, making it to the top because of a good plan and proper execution will keep you on top for as long as you desire.  It is how you do it that matters.

  1. Be patient. Design a plan, be specific on your desired result and create a timetable to achieve it.
  2. Execute well within your plan. Do not go astray. You have spent days and lot of efforts in research, to be able to come up with a good plan, stick to it.
  3. Be patient. Do not be disturbed by temporary setbacks.  It is normal.  Watch your figures slowly climb up.
  4. Be sensitive. You must be quick to understand the comments from your followers and be available to them thru interaction.  You will be getting more ideas from them that will be helpful in the process.  Anyway, they are your strength.


In YouTube, do not be mislead by the figures you get.  Be consistent and later on, you will notice that the few hundred likes you have now, will just multiply in too few thousands.  And take note, these are real likes. These likes will convert into followers and to subscribers and will bring you the greatest opportunity that you dream of.

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