Buying SoundCloud Reposts Cheap

Buying SoundCloud Reposts Cheap

Buying SoundCloud Reposts Cheap

When you own a SoundCloud page, it feels good to see that your tracks are being reposted. When people repost your tracks, they attract more traffic to your page helping you gain more followers and likes and popularity increases.

But the question that many people ask themselves is how do I make people repost my tracks? Do I have to be so popular to make people repost my tracks?

The answer is that you do not have to be so popular to make people repost your tracks. There are a number of procedure you can follow to achieve this if you do it right.

There are two ways of making people repost your tracks, one of the techniques will cost you money meaning that you will have to buy the service and the other technique is a free technique.

In this article, we will get through these two techniques.Buying SoundCloud Reposts Cheap

  1. Paid marketing

This is the easiest method of all though it costs money it saves time, and there is a guarantee of getting the number of a repost that you paid for.

The only problem with this technique is that most of the service providers use bots for the repost instead of real people.

No one would like to have reposts from bots, and therefore you will have to be careful when choosing which service provider to deal with.

Here I have tried to do a little research and came up with a few online marketing platforms that sell reposts from real people.

One of the platforms that I would recommend is red social. According to reviews from people who have paid for repost services from this platform, 95 percent gave positive reviews about it.

It offers a number of packages staring from 50 to 1,000 repost which are divided into five packages.

Cost of the packages differs depending on the number of reposts that you are likely to get.

  1. Repost Exchange

This involves teaming up with other SoundCloud users aiming at reposting tracks among your networks.  With a little amount of money, there are a number of online platforms that would connect you with a large community of sound cloud users who will help you repost your tracks.

One of the best platforms is report exchange,  which helps  SoundCloud users to get connected and post each other’s tracks.

The high-quality thing about this platform is that a user earns credit by reposting someone’s track that he/she may spend to get his/her own music reposted. 30 credits may get you about 3,000 reposts which are awesome.

Apart from that, it helps the user discover communities which are related with the genre of music that is interested in as well as cultivated a relationship with other members.

  1. Promotion of a track

There are online platforms that provide track promotion services. Through promotion of your track in their networks and by using a number of their tools and techniques they will enable your track to be reposted reaching a number of reposts that you paid for.

One of the best platforms that provide this service among the many out there is web promotion.

  1. SoundCloud channels that promote and repost

There are a number of channels that promote and repost within SoundCloud. These channels are owned by popular people within a lot of followers, and they provide promotion and repost services by paying a specific amount for the service.

Here are some of these channels; Angelo reposts, Artists promotion, Dj Creath repost, Dope Musique, EDM Lead, etc.

Taking Dj Creath Repost as an example, all you need is upload your music on your SoundCloud page, follow his SC profile, then mail him your tracks and he will repost after you reach an agreement.

Apart from the paid techniques, there are a lot of free techniques that would help you gain reposts.  These methods only need your time and creativity to regain a lot of reposts and the good thing about this, there is a guarantee that all the reposts you gain are from real people and you do not have to spend any cent to buy a repost.

Here are some of the techniques;

  • Repost to Repost

It is more likely that if you repost people’s music, they will surely repost yours.

All you have to do is find people doing the genre of music related to your music, repost their tracks and they will repost your tracks too.

  • Remix Popular songs

Make great remixes of popular songs and share them through your network. It is more likely that one of your remixes will pop up when someone is searching for the original song, and he will not hesitate to listen to the remix. If the remix you made is good enough people will repost it so make sure when you make a remix make it epic.Buying SoundCloud Reposts Cheap

  • Create good and epic music

People like music which make them excited or touch their inner feelings. When making your music put a lot of time and creativity in it so that when someone plays it gets attached to it and that means he/she will repost it and share it so that other people will see and play it and repost also.

  • Tagging

Make sure you tag many friends as you can, the more you tag the likely repost you will get so keep tagging.

  • Use your friends’ networks

Use the network of friends you have and ask them to repost your tracks, this will increase your popularity and help you gain more reposts of your tracks as well as expanding the number of people in your inner circle. The larger your network you create, the more the repost you get.

  • Start a reposting campaign

You can create a campaign through social media sites such as google plus and facebook groups by asking your fellow group members to follow your track links listen and repost your track in SoundCloud.

If you do it well and put your time into creating a good repost campaign, you are more likely to gain a lot of reposts from your group members.

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