How to Buy SoundCloud Followers

How to Buy SoundCloud Followers

How to Buy SoundCloud Followers

What is SoundCloud?

It is an online music and podcast streaming platform based in Berlin that lets users listen to millions of songs from around the world, upload, promote and share audio.

How to buy SoundCloud followers?

Paid Marketing

Buy Soundcloud PlaysHundred of SoundCloud promotion services are available online, but someone needs to do a little research to get a reliable one because most of them are fake and use bots instead of real followers.

AppSally provides SoundCloud promotion services. According to my research, it delivers real users to the account through their networks. With AppSally  I tested an account, and I proved that my account gained significant followers, plays, likes, and comments.

Apart from that, the prices are affordable according to packages, so someone is free to choose from a number of packages that suits his/her needs, and the best part is that their services are unlimited.

Free Methods

In this technique, an individual is required to build a positive professional profile. This will make a solid brand that defines who you are and what you do.

Normally people won’t come and start playing music from your account without going through your profile and see who you’re.  So a profile plays a big role in making sure that you get followers to your account, and that is why there is a need to have a good impressive profile that will build a foundation to your brand.

Create Remixes

A favorite song drives a lot of traffic to a specific page. You can take advantage of this by making a remix of any popular song and make sure that it shows up when people are searching for the original song. Make sure to label and tag correctly by doing some SEO/link-building campaign on the track if possible.

This will drive traffic to your page as people will like to hear what that remix sounds like, and if you made it better, you’re going to get followers.

Follow to Follow

If you follow someone, it’s very likely that he/she will follow you back and check out your tracks. This will increase your popularity as they might love your one of your tracks and download it and share it in their network thus bringing more fans to your page.

Remember a big network is built from a group of small networks which combine to make a big network.

Make Epic music regularly

People love good music and therefore when you make music spend your time to make them sound great.  They should not be repetitive, complicated or difficult to listen, thus make people feel something whether it is excitement or despair according to your intention with the track.

Build your networks of friends and connections

Building a real friendship with other SoundCloud users will help you promote your music in a number of ways. This can be achieved through showing genuine interest and value to your fellow SoundCloud users, instead of always thinking what’s in it for you.

There are a number of instructions you can follow do to have genuine friends such as;

Find the people whose music you like

Like, repost and comment on their songs

Find them in other social networks and comment on their pages

After a couple of weeks, the message is then asking them about how they made their music and let them know that you shared their music with your followers on SoundCloud and on social networks such as Facebook.

If you do this with a number of people, you will gain a lot of benefits including the audience.

Use of social media sites

When it comes to social media, I do recommend two of them which area facebook and google plus.

First of all, you have to generate an impressive google plus profile in order to attract followers. The good thing about Google plus is that, there are a large group of people based around common interests.

There are communities of every genre of music around the globe such as the hip-hop community, house music community, drum, and bass, etc.How to Buy SoundCloud Followers

Join some groups, and you find that there are a number of interesting debates and discussion going on.

Start engaging with 5 to 10 groups, vote up and respond to other peoples posts hence adding value to the conversation.

Then whenever you have a new track to share just pop up a link to your SoundCloud, people will follow the link because you have been engaging with them.

When it comes to Facebook,  hoping you have a facebook account that means you already a member of some groups out there.

While on facebook search for your genre of music and narrow it your search to a group.

Join 10-20 groups that relate to your kind of music.

Engage in conversation by liking, commenting and posting in the groups you joined.

Then after time starts posting your track links to SoundCloud in groups and people will follow them to listen to what you got because you are already a part of their community.


Make your music easily searchable and finable for people searching in SoundCloud.

The more you tag your music, the more plays you will get.

There are several tags such as genre tags, similar style record label name, similar artists names, the mood of the song, other similar songs by popular artists, etc.

Interact with fans on you page

Respond and leave comments to people who comment on your page, and be sure that the comments you make are useful and meaningful.

If people find that you have good comments and you always interact with your fans, you will create a good fan base and attract more fans from your friends’ network as many people like to interact with their superstar.

Collaborating with you new network

Help your friends by letting them have exposure to your entire fan base, and they will let you gain exposure to their fan base too hence increase the number of followers to your page. This will help increase your followers by doing half the work to increase your fan base.

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