Increase Your SoundCloud Likes Promotion

Increase Your SoundCloud Likes Promotion

Increase Your SoundCloud Likes Promotion

Everyone would like to increase the number of likes on his/her page on SoundCloud in order to increase the number of track plays. It is not an easy task to gain a huge number of likes on the page especially when you are not popular and fewer people know you.

Many people find themselves out of option without knowing what to do, but there are a number of techniques that would help you to do that.

How to buy SoundCloud likes

Increase Your SoundCloud Likes PromotionBuying SoundCloud likes is no difference as buying sound cloud followers. In fact, the same procedures used to gain followers are the same procedures that will enable your account to gain more followers.

In this article, I will go through the tricks that will help you gain more likes through mainly through two main methods; which are buying likes and gaining likes through free methods.

  1. Paid marketing

There are good numbers of online promotion services that are claiming that they may help you gain likes by paying them. But you have to be very careful because many of these service providers are scams and mostly provide fake likes from bots and not really people.

There is no meaning in gaining like from bots as you need real people and therefore before you decide to buy a marketing service from them, you must do a simple research and look for reviews from people who have already worked with these platforms.

According to my simple research which I did, I would recommend using a platform called build plays, where by the deliver likes through their network which are likes from real people.

The good part is that there have five plans and therefore you get to choose what you can afford and what you think suits you. Their services are unlimited with a very good 24/7 custom care.

  1. Gaining likes through free methods.

This is the best part as you will gain likes without spending a single penny, time and commitment are all you need.  This technique requires you to do a number of things that will be discussed below;

  • Building an impressive profile

A profile defines who you are and what you do; a good impressive profile builds a foundation for your brand. People do not just come to your page and play music, but they want to know who you really are, and it is through an impressive profile that you will attract them.

Creating a good profile enable people who visit you page play to play your tracks and like your page.

Therefore a good profile is a good way to start when branding yourself aiming at getting a lot of likes and followers.

  • Like to Like

Mostly if you like someone, it is very likely to like you back and check your page.  This technique will help you increase the number of likes on your page if you do it right.

Therefore look for individuals with a huge number of followers and likes then like their pages, and it is likely that they will like you back.

  • Create a good network and connections with

Building a network of real friends from SoundCloud will increase your likes. This can be done by finding people whose music you like, comment and repost their music and it is very likely they will do the same to you.

  • Take advantage of social media sites

Facebook and Google plus are the best platforms to start with.

On facebook join groups that relate to your kind of music.

SoundCloud Likes PromotionInteract with group members by posting, commenting and liking their posts.

Later start posting your track SoundCloud links in facebook groups so that group members would follow them in order to hear what you got. This technique will help you gain a good number of likes.

Google plus, this is the best since it has a large number of communities relating to different genres of music.

Create a google plus account, join communities that relate to your kind of music and involve yourself in conversations and debates going on,.

After sometime share you track SoundCloud links and people will follow them to SoundCloud, and it is likely that most of them will like your page.

  • Tagging

Tagging is a good technique to gain likes. Make sure that your music is easily findable in SoundCloud.

The more you tag, the more plays and likes you will get.

There are different ways of tagging ranging from genre similarities, label name, similar artists name, song mood, similar songs by popular artists.

  • Make good and epic music

Put your time into making good music that will attract listeners. No matter what your intention is to make sure that when someone listens to your music will have the feeling whether it is excitement or despair.

Epic music will help you gain more likes as people will share it in their networks and bring you more likes to your page helping you to gain even more plays.

  • Network collaboration

Let your friends have exposure to your entire fan base, and they will let you have exposure to their fan base too. By doing this, it will help you do half the work that you could have done all alone. Through this collaboration, it is very likely that your friends’ fan base will like your page.

In other words, we would call it a mutual benefit, you both gain from each other’s network.

  • Create remix

Make a remix of a popular song and make it good. This will increase your popularity and attract a lot of traffic to your page.

A remix of any popular song is likely to show up during the search of the original song. When people see a remix, it is more likely that they would like to hear how the remix sounds, hence visiting your page and liking it if you really made a good track out of it.

This will attract more traffic, and people are likely to share the track bring more likes and followers to your page.

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