The effects of buying YouTube Views

The effects of buying YouTube Views

The effects of buying YouTube Views

YouTube another social media platform that focuses mainly on video sharing.  Here, anybody can create their own video and upload it, to share with the millions of users of YouTube around the globe.  Likewise, anybody can watch these videos online or download it and watch offline.

It is now considered the most popular video-sharing platform in the whole world.  You can find any kind of video in YouTube, movies, clips, interviews, advertisements.  You can also find tutorial videos and many more.

Why on YouTube?

Many YouTube users have different reasons for being on YouTube.  Some are there to socialize with their friends through their videos.  Others are in your tube to share their videos to earn money, while others are trying to catch the attention of companies and the producers with their talents.  Different reasons for being on YouTube, but, the same way to achieve it, One of it is getting many views.The effects of buying YouTube Views

About YouTube Views

YouTube views, like the likes in Facebook and followers/subscribers, are a key gauge to determine a popularity of a video or an account.  It is one of the factors that an audience will look up to before they even consider opening your post.

The more views your video has will mean it is interesting to those many people and this will keep the audience interested in viewing it.  And when the numbers of view’s increases, this will get the attention of some of the big companies, who may offer sponsor ships, for marketing purposes.  Your million views may also attract some producers or key persons in the showbiz industry you might get an offer from them.

Buying YouTube Views

Admittedly, there are a million or more videos being shared on this platform, and not all of those videos are interesting to watch or worth to be posted online.  There are many videos that can be considered as garbage and are just a waste of time.

As mentioned earlier, the audience uses to look at the number of views a video has, before they will even consider opening it.  That is the very reason, many people or organization, who want to be noticed or their video to watch, will consider buying YouTube views.

The benefits of buying YouTube Views

Buying YouTube views has its benefits to people who have less network to share with.  This will empower them to:

  1. To attract any audiences to watch their videos, considering that it carries a large number of viewership.
  2. It will give a very good impression of their videos, towards the audiences. As in most cases, people will see first the number of views in a video, before opening it.
  3. It will create an opportunity for the person who posted it, maybe thru paid commercial ads or sponsorship, or maybe
  4. It will put their videos on top in YouTube So, in every search made, your video will come out first among others in the same category.

The bad side of buying YouTube Views

Generally, buying YouTube views will serve the interests of the minority of the users and is a self-serving practice.  It defeats the true purpose of the platform.  It is because the recognition if fake and it defeats the true purpose of the platform.

YouTube is designed to upload and share videos, and it has features such as counting the number of views.  These views must determine how your video was received by the audience.  With the practice of buying YouTube views, you cannot accurately label a video as good, just by appearing at the number of views it generated.

The effects of this practice

  1. This practice will rob some good videos of the opportunity to get noticed. It will encourage uploading of more garbage videos that will pollute the web.
  2. It will give the impression that not all videos with large viewership are a good one. Because thousands of those views revealed fake audiences.
  3. It will encourage more people to pollute the entire web with just any video, that is not relevant to the present lives and no educational and moral values at all.The effects of buying YouTube Views

How to effectively get you to tube views without buying it?

The main objective of posting or sharing a video is to gather a good number of views.  It will give you the idea that you are posting a good video and people were interested in it.  This will also encourage you to do more.  To be able to achieve that goal, you should do the ff:

  • Post or upload a good video. A good video is the one that has values in it.
  • Know your target audience. It is important, because you will need to know who to reach and how to do it.
  • Make sure that you will upload an interesting video and it has unique
  • Make an effort to invite more audiences on other social media sites to view your posts in YouTube.

YouTube is the most well-liked video sharing platform, must make sure that it is every feature and function serves its very purpose.  It must have security features that will make sure that everything is being monitored.  Buying views and like’s, should not be practiced in this modern times.

The mood of payment in purchasing YouTube views

The purchasing of YouTube views is done online.  And because it is online, payment is usually through a debit or a credit card.  It is being sold through packages, and you have to choose, which of those packages fits your requirements.

Buying YouTube views is not a high-quality practice at all.  To make sure of safe a good spot on YouTube, you must make sure that your video is interesting and the contents are family and child-friendly. It must be short enough to be posted on YouTube.

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