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Things to know before you Buy YouTube Likes

Things to know before you Buy YouTube Likes

Things to know before you Buy YouTube Likes

As a YouTube blogger, the easiest (speaking relatively of course) to rank high on YouTube searches and get into their suggested video list is to perform well in certain areas.  YouTube considers video engagement regularly in its ranking algorithm, including comments and likes. This is why you should buy YouTube likes, as it can be an excellent tactic for boosting your video. You can also use it to complement purchased views, and use it to drown out the “haters,” those who drop unnecessary negative comments on your videos.

Here is what you should know before you buy YouTube likes:

  • It influences perception

Buying YouTube likes helps to shape viewers impression of your videos. One of the traits of humans is that we are influenced by the behaviors of others in the same situation as us. This is termed social proof. For example, if you were taking a walk on a busy street, and all of a sudden everyone starts running in the opposite direction, you would too without even asking why they’re running. An evolutionary trait we developed to keep us safe thousands of years back is still with us even now. The same concept also applies online. When you purchase likes for your video, it gives viewers the perception of popularity. New viewers will be more open to watching your video and liking it in return.

  • It comes with some risks

While buying likes can help boost your video, it can be a risky tactic if you purchase from the wrong provider. YouTube has specific algorithms in place that monitor this sort of activity, and they will eliminate any bought likes they find. If you purchase likes from a shady provider, you’ll receive likes from fake accounts. YouTube can easily detect this kind of likes. Make sure you buy from trusted providers who can get you like from active and real accounts.

  • Avoid using it with Google Ad Sense

If you’re a part of the YouTube partner program and are monetizing your videos with Google Ad sense, then you shouldn’t even consider buying likes for your videos. It is a violation of the terms of service. Your videos could end up being banned, or worse, you could be expelled from the expelled from YouTube if you’re caught. Essentially, it means that if you’re a part of the YouTube partner program, you should avoid using any artificial means to increase your likes or views.

  • It works best when you buy it together with views

If your video has a lot of likes yet has no views, it’ll look fishy to any visitor, and it’ll let everyone know that you bought the likes. It’s not possible for anyone to like a video that they didn’t watch. You want your purchased likes to appear organic, which is why you should buy them as part of a package that includes subscribers, views, and maybe even comments. Fortunately, there are lots of high-quality YouTube service providers with packages that include all of this.

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